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TAPPING for ANIMALS with Gwyneth Moss and Heather Smiles
Surrogate tapping made simple: learn a structured approach to tapping for others with Emotional Freedom Techniques through tapping for and learning from animals. Help pets to change unhelpful behaviours and free them from the traumas of loss, abandonment and cruelty. 

Sunday 28th April 2013 in Ilkley: registration





Gwyneth Moss EFT Master says:  since writing the article Two Cats and a Puppy (French translation: Deux Chats) for Gary Craig EFT Founder's newsletter, I have received a great deal of interest from those who wish to extend the benefits of EFT to their pets and other animals.   The results of the EFT tapping circle for animals that I describe in the article came as a great surprise to me because behavioural change in an animal, at a distance facilitated by a group of strangers challenged my acceptance of what is possible. 

Having now run more than a dozen of these EFT circles for animals, with immediate and dramatic change in the animals we have tapped for (and often change for the people tapping too), I now wish to share this method throughout the EFT community. Tapping for animals is a great way to learn about and experience surrogate tapping and powerful borrowing benefits.  You do not have to be an animal owner or lover to gain benefits from this day.

Pictured here is Tiki, he is a big, powerful dog and previously was very aggressive to one of his owner Karin's employees.  Listen in as Karin and I tap for Tiki in this free audio Animal Tapping mp3 Download. The outcome is that Tiki still gives a warning bark and growl and then settles down and leaves the poor man alone.  Fiona Lewis listened to our session for Tiki and tapped along, read the surprising outcome:  My Mad Collie (Poppy is pictured below Tiki)

Unfortunately animals can be traumatised by well intentioned humans as well as by deliberate cruelty.  Through our tappin sessions common themes emerge such as: early separation from the litter; fear of being sold or abandoned; confusion about what is required of them; being parted from an owner or sale of an animal companion yet it is humbling how quickly an animal comes to forgiveness.

Read these articles by my students:

In this one day workshop we work together as a group to explore and experience three methods of surrogate tapping for animals.  In first person surrogate work one person role plays an animal known to them whilst another acts as EFT helper.  We will also use second person or dialogue work and the third person descriptive approach.   Listen to Gwyneth's Interview on EFT Radio for more about surrogate work.

During the day we will have time to work for animals known to group members and there will also be the opportunity for work in pairs. This day is open to all, you don't have to be an animal lover to be curious about the possibilities of surrogate tapping. 

The intention is that you:

  • experience three approaches to EFT surrogate work;
  • gain insight into the world of animals;
  • learn how to run Animal EFT circles yourself.

Here is Princess the cat who would not let Amy her owner pick her up and hold her.  That is until Amy came on the first of our EFT for Animals days and tapped for Princess's dislike of being held.  Amy says: "Something I thought would never happen! Princess lets me pick her up! Here's photographic evidence for this! She seems to have chilled out so much since last week and has spent the last three days following me round the house. She has also slept every night on my bed only leaving when I throw her off!  Thank you Gwyneth and Heather she is a changed cat and I love her!"


Gwyneth Moss and Heather Smiles

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master.  Featured on Gary Craig's Mastering EFT DVD set she is known for intelligent common sense and clear explanation of EFT concepts.  As well as developing EFT Innovations such as EFT Imagineering and Protective Distancing Gwyneth runs regular EFT training workshops and is the motivating force behind EFT Events.  Gwyneth enjoys helping out on farms and gets her best ideas talking to sheep.

Heather Smiles, EFT Practitioner and British Horse Society Assistant Instructor. For several Heather years worked with nationally recognised event trainers.  Lack of progress, led her to radically reassess traditional methods and to train with Mary Wanless (author of "Ride with Your Mind").  Heather now incorporates Natural Horsemanship, Balance Saddling and the Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques and specialises in helping riders with confidence issues. Heather has been astounded by the potential of EFT to help both riders and horses.    Read Tapping for Jack and Rescuing the Rescue Horse. Heather's website

This EFT for Animals day is open to all who are interested in or curious about helping animals with EFT and surrogate tapping.  However, it is suggested that you are already familiar with the basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques.  If you need instruction see EFT training.  EFT Practitioners attending gain 6 hours CPD.  We will be using surrogate EFT throughout the day: this means we are tapping on ourselves for the benefit of the animal:  Please do not bring your pets with you.

Prices do not include lunch or accommodation

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